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What are the Benefits of Motor Home Servicing

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  • 07-07-2015
What are the Benefits of Motor Home Servicing

What are the Benefits of Motor Home Servicing?

Having your motorhome serviced is a crucial part of owning a motorhome, typically it is recommended that you get your vehicle serviced after 10,000 miles or a year, which ever comes first, to ensure that it is maintained and ready to go when you are.

Newcastle Motorhomes is part of the Approved Workshop Scheme, this scheme is a joint venture between the NCC (National Caravan Council) The Camping and Caravanning Club and The Caravan Club, it provides us with a benchmark to work against for our services. In order to continue to be a part of this scheme we have to pass an annual inspection by a team of independent assessors to make sure that our work is fully equipped and that we are offering our customers a complete service, the scheme has very high standards and we are proud to say that we work to these standards each and every time we work on any of our customers vehicles.

We are very thorough with our servicing because we know that it is important to you to make sure that your motorhome is ready to go on the next adventure, we will check oil, filters, tyres, wheel, engines, the interior of your motorhome and much much more to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Servicing is different to an MOT as an MOT is a test you must have done by law, it is not as in depth as a service, the MOT test simply says that at the time of the test your motorhome is safe, a service is a way of making sure that it is safe and ready to go.

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We will be happy to discuss the details of our servicing with you when you come to the workshop, if you would like to book your motorhome in for a service then please do get in touch.

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